Frequently Asked Questions

KANJ.IO doesn't seem to be working right ?

We want to help you figure out why KANJ.IO isn't working for you, but we need a little more information to do that.

First, try clearing your browser data (cache, cookies, etc.), because your browser may be storing old KANJ.IO data. You may also consider reseting your statistics in your account settings page.

If you are still encountering the same issue, send us an email ([email protected]) describing the issue.

How do I use the Romaji Converter?

Our Romaji converter supports a mixture of the Hepburn and Kunrei systems. Turn on the Romaji Converter and it automatically converts english characters into kana as you type.

If you need help entering a certain character, please refer to the Romaji<>Hiragana Converter Chart.

Why can't I access all of the decks ?

Some decks require upgrading to the Premium subscription, which gives you full access to all of the site's features, including all word decks.

How do I upgrade my subscription ?

Navigate to your account settings to find information about your current subscription. Then click on "Activate a Plan" to upgrade your subscription. Depending on your subscription change, you may need to enter your billing information.

Why are the kanji in different colors in the statistics ?

With every answer, KANJ.IO's algorithm automagically determines how well you can read any specific word (as well as the individual kanji within the word).

Ratings are indicated through colors as a quick way to comprehend your progress visually. Our color scale shifts from Red (very low / weak rating) to Dark Green (very high / strong rating).

How is the Kanji Grid different from the Word Grid?

The kanji grid is a statistical map of individual kanji ratings, while the Word Grid reflects your progress on words that may be made up of more than one kanji.

By tracking these statistics and associating their strengths to colors, we can visually give you an idea of how well you can read a particular kanji among all previously tested words.