About this site


KANJ.IO is a fun, simple study method designed to help you learn to read Japanese. It allows smart, streamlined drilling, so you get plenty of exposure to the kanji you haven't mastered yet. And since it's a web-based application, you can access it anywhere that has an internet connection.

Learning kanji is often considered to be the most difficult part of studying Japanese. But it doesn't have to be. Reading kanji doesn't require any special skills or secret methods, just dedicated practice and a lot of exposure to contextual, real Japanese.

KANJ.IO eliminates some of the most tedious parts of learning to read Japanese, and provides a great platform that actually engages you.

KANJ.IO's many uses

KANJ.IO is great practice for mastering kanji reading patterns, and because it uses actual Japanese sentences, you’ll benefit in many other ways:

  • - Broaden your vocabulary
  • - Benchmark your skills for a JLPT test
  • - Improve your grammar
  • - Accelerate your Japanese typing speed

Studying kanji doesn't have to be a chore !

That's why we made KANJ.IO. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or complete beginner, KANJ.IO can boost your kanji study.